The Coal Industry in Papua New Guinea

Mayur Resources

Mayur has acquired exploration leases for several coal mines in the Gulf Province of PNG. It also has plans to build a coal-fired power station in Morobe Province.

Mayur has already acquired leases to open a coal mine in the Gulf Province and a coal-fired power station in the Morobe Province. The proposed station is located within Lae, PNG’s second-largest city. 

The company is also planning to mine industrial sands for iron and other minerals at Orokolo Bay in Gulf Province and develop Cement Clinker & Lime (CCL) factory in Caution Bay, just outside of Port Moresby. The CCL factory could have its own dedicated coal-fired power station and is currently the only project that has received all necessary government approvals.

Image above: Port Moresby capital of Papua New Guinea

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