The Coal Industry in Papua New Guinea

Coal Exploration in Gulf Province

Mayur has four coal exploration licenses in the Gulf Province in PNG (see map below). The most developed is the Depot Creek mine, located 20 km from the Purari River. The river would be used as a transportation route to bring the coal to the coast. 

To apply for a mining license at Depot Creek, Mayur needs to complete social mapping and obtain consent from the affected communities. It also needs to complete a full environmental impact statement and publicly release that they are seeking approvals from CEPA (the Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority).

The company has floated several options for what to do with the coal if it does start mining:

  1. using it to power its proposed coal-fired power plant at Lae
  2. using it to power its cement and lime factory in Port Moresby
  3. or exporting it to buyers overseas

To find out more about the economic viability of the Gulf Province coal projects, check out the recent report by Jubilee Australia and CELCOR.

Image above: Photo of men performing a tribal dance from Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea

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