Nogat Coal: No Coal in Papua New Guinea

The Coal Industry in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) does not have any operational coal mines or coal-fired power stations, however, an Australian listed company, Mayur Resources wants to change that.

If Mayur’s plan to mine coal and build coal-fired power plant(s) goes ahead, PNG would be the first Pacific Island Country to develop a coal industry. 

There are impacts across all stage of the coal industry, coal pollutes the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land that we depend on. The coal industry is also the leading cause of climate change.

Papua New Guinea does not need to open up to a dying and polluting industry to improve its energy access.

The answer lies in a just and equitable energy pathway for PNG renewable energy future.

Image above: Port Moresby at night, the capital of Papua New Guinea. 

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