EVENT: It’s Time For A Climate Revolution

13 July 2021

On June 16-17, Global Witness organised ‘It’s Time For A Climate Revolution’ – an online event highlighting groundbreaking climate solutions needed to protect people and the planet.

Key speakers at the event included top climate leaders, activists and political voices from around the world who presented ideas to win the climate fight – everything from tackling greenwashing and climate disinformation to stopping the funding of climate-wrecking projects.

Samantha Kuman, Advocacy Officer at the Centre for Environmental Law & Community Rights and member of the Nogat Coal campaign, was invited to speak about the campaign, the climate challenges the Pacific region is facing, and various strategies used to confront them.

“The biggest climate challenge I see this year is bridging the knowledge gap between climate change science and climate change realities faced by individuals and communities,” Samantha Kuman said.

You can watch the recording of the event below.

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